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Nice and effective

Nice app. A simple way to track your mood.

Ive used this app for 3 years and I love it

Ive used this app for 3 years and I love it. Ive been able to track my mood, monthly and seasonally which has provided me with great insight into what influences changes in my mind/mood state. I also am able to track the physical pain I experience. When I dont have words to express my mood I take a photo and save either a selfie or a photo of my surroundings. I would recommend this to anyone looking to track their mood.

I love it!!!

This is a great app! Very well thought out. I love the photo feature because there really is a connection between how you feel and how you look. I like that some features are customizable (ratings, reminder sounds & times, tags). The progress charts are a great idea, too. Im very happy with this app. Thank you! ☺️


I have been using it for 2 years now and would not have noticed my mood slipping if I hadnt this tool. I went to my doctor this week. Time for a medication change. In the past I would have been near a 2 or 3 before I noticed.


Easy to use, simple, and effectively customizable. I use the hashtags to track exactly what is causing my mood. Perfect for me.

Almost stellar

I like this app, however, I feel like it would be that much better if it had more level charts for different moods (ex: anxiety, depression, body image, etc). Overall great little program though!

This app is AMAZING!!

Best in its class!


Excellent tool for those who suffer from bipolar disorder.


The newest version crashes on open. Can this get fixed quickly? I like the app and would like to continue using it.

Excellent mood tracking app

Easy to use, does the job perfectly. Great job devs!


After the resent update started to crash immediately when Im opening it

Great simple app

I simply love this app

Great app!!!

I use it every day!

Quick & Easy

Love that I can quickly capture my mood, add a photo and a quick note. Its so simple which makes it something that I actually use on a regular basis, and have been for the past 3 years

I appreciate the insights this app gives me.

Ive been using this app for months and I appreciate the insights its given me.

Moody blues made easier

Hey there fellow consumers, its always been tough to track my mood, but I love this customizable version that reminds me 3 times a day to track. I needed to go in and change the word choice for each mood to reflect my DBSA standard mood chart I am accustomed to, but after that its a breeze. Like the picture taking option too. It also tracks the use of various hashtags. Thank you iMoodJournal!

Love it

Great app. Ive had it for a couple of years and never had a problem with it. Very helpful. Definitely recommend it.

Like Therapy

I find it very helpful to identify a basic mood then elaborate with more specific hashtag feelings (frustrated, optimistic, planning, unprepared, etc). I also make note of supplements I take and what I eat to see if those factors might be affecting my moods. The graph is an excellent long-range tool.

Inefficient user experience

Although the summary tab generates a visually pleasant graph, everything else is confusing in the app. Editing entries is anything but straightforward (just as deleting accidental entries - which are quite easy to make). The same goes for switching the summary graph from "daily" to "last month" or "total" - I havent actually figured out how to do that... Viewing a long term history is pretty much the point of this, no? All these makes the entire app cumbersome and difficult to use. I dont understand the consensus of the other reviews really.

About perfect (for me)

Simple tracking, easy to learn and so helpful - mostly because when youre in a horrible mind space its good to be able to look at the history and know that its not always like that. Gets me out of the forever trap. Other than meds, best use of money for helping bipolar.

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